Privacy Policy

Last updated: 2023/04/01

Goodnight Services ("Goodnight", "This Service", “We”, “Us” and "Company") attach great importance to the personal privacy of Goodnight members ( "Members", "You" or "Your"). To give you an idea of ​​how we collect, use and protect the personal information you provide, please read the privacy statement below.

Acquisition of personal data:
  • When you register as a member of this service, We will ask you your name, registered account number (ie email address), gender, date of birth, contact number, address and some basic details necessary for the service to work.
  • Once you have successfully registered, you can use the account you have set up to make full use of the membership services provided by Goodnight. You can change your information at any time in order to make your profile stay updated.
Categories of personal data collected:

Goodnight collects the following personal data on its affiliated websites and apps:

  • C001: Personal identifier, such as the member’s name, address, phone number, email address, etc.
  • C002: Financial identifier, such as debit or credit card number or other financial information.
  • C003: Government identifier, such as ID card number, unified number, logic serial number, insurance certificate number, disability identification number, retirement certificate number, license number, passport number, etc.
  • C011: Personal information, such as gender, birth date, etc.
  • Other data collected automatically by Goodnight systems when a member logs in or uses websites, apps, or reading softwares.
Duration and region of personal data usage:
  • Duration: Until the member requests to stop using their data or until Goodnight ceases to provide its services.
  • Region: The personal data of the member will be used in the region where Goodnight operates.
Use of personal data:

The information you enter when registering as a member is only for the services provided by Goodnight, the design of events, the reference for internal operations, and the statistical use. We do not use this information for other purposes or to share and use it with third parties unless you agree, with the following exceptions:

  • Required by the police/inspection/judicial/tax collection agency or other competent authority based on statutory procedures.
  • Use for your other purposes with your written consent.
  • Others comply with relevant personal data protection regulations.
Member's rights regarding personal data:

The individual whose personal data is collected by Goodnight has the following rights under the Personal Data Protection Act:

  • The right to inquire or request access.
  • The right to request a copy.
  • The right to add or rectify information.
  • The right to stop information collection, processing, or usage.
  • The right to request a deletion.

If a member wishes to exercise the above rights, they may contact Goodnight's customer service through

How to protect your personal information:

To protect your personal privacy, we use a variety of different security technologies and procedures to protect your basic information. In some cases, we will use the standard 256-bit SSL encryption protection mechanism to securely transfer your personal data.

Remind you to take good care of your personal data and password. In order to prevent your data from being stolen, please be sure to log out or close the software and browser window when you finish using the service.

Collection and use of other materials:
  • This service will conduct an internal analysis of the number, preferences and usage habits of users based on user registration, promotions or related questionnaires. Any information collected from your active registration, such as the IP address, the time of use, the browser used, the browsing and the selection of records, etc. will be provided for the necessary services, such as accurate recommendations, analysis of the total user behavior and analysis of individual user behavior. The results of the analysis will not be leaked to third-party/non-Goodnight service platforms.
  • You have the right to terminate Goodnight's collection of any information about you and to request Goodnight to delete the relevant personal data, provided that the services will be subject to relative restrictions and may even be unable to continue to provide you services.
  • In accordance with the personal data protection policy and the protection of membership rights, if you want to terminate the Goodnight service, you can send an email to During the application process, you must provide identity documents or other supporting documents to the customer service unit of the company for identity comparison and verification purposes.
About the use of Cookie/Cache

Cookie/Cache is a small text file written to your running device from a web server via a browser. Its main purpose is to ensure that pages can load quickly and respond promptly to your requests. This service will use Cookies/Cache to store, modify or track your browsing information and read Cookies/Cache when you register, log in, browse the web or log out. You can set, cancel or restrict this feature in your browser.


For the personal data and usage records you log in to the Service, we will take appropriate steps to ensure that the data is stored safely.

Remind that this service is not responsible for the security of Internet data transmission. Please assess and judge the risk of interruption, loss, error, theft, interference, etc. of the data transmission process before use.

Execution of the privacy protection statement:

If you have any questions about our privacy statement, please contact our Customer Service Center.

Update of Privacy Policy: This Service reserves the right to modify this Privacy Notice at any time. The revised terms will be posted on the relevant web pages on the Service Website and will be effective from the date of publication without prior notice.

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